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SupportCause Required for Eviction of Residential TenantMabrey, Duran, GonzalesHB24-1098House Transportation, Housing & Local GovernmentIntroduced In HouseTake Action
SupportAccessory Dwelling UnitsAmabile, Weingberg, Mullica, ExumHB24-1152House Transportation, Housing & Local GovernmentIntroduced In House
SupportProhibit Residential Occupancy LimitsRutinel, Mabrey, Exum, GonzalesHB24-1007House Transportation, Housing & Local GovernmentHouse Third Reading Passed - No Amendments

Climate, Energy, and Transportation

SupportMethods to Increase the Use of TransitPriola, Lewis, VigilSB24-032Senate Transportation & EnergySenate Committee on Transportation & Energy Refer Amended to Finance
SupportProhibit Landscaping Practices for Water ConservationRoberts, Simpson, McCormick, McLachlanSB24-005House Agriculture, Water & Natural ResourcesPassed Senate, Introduced In House
SupportPerfluoroalkyl & Polyfluoroalkyl ChemicalsCutter, Kipp, RutinelSB24-081Senate Business, Labor, & TechnologyIntroduced In Senate
SupportFront Range Passenger Rail District EfficiencyMauro, Boesenecker, ZenzingerHB24-1012House Second Reading Special Order - Passed with Amendments - FloorIntroduced In House
SupportRailroad Safety RequirementsMabrey, Cutter, ExumHB24-1030House Transportation, Housing & Local GovernmentIntroduced In House
OpposeAir Quality Ozone LevelsKirkmeyerSB24-095Senate TransportationIntroduced In Senate 

Economic Justice (Workers, Taxes and Schools)

SupportDeceptive Trade Practice Significant Impact StandardWeissman, Mabrey, GonzalesHB24-1014House JudiciaryHouse Second Reading Special Order - Passed - No Amendments
SupportAdjustments to Tax Expenditures to Reduce BurdenWeissman, Rutinel, HinrichsenHB24-1134House FinanceIntroduced In House
SupportAmending Terms of Consumer Lending LawsWeissman, MabreyHB24-1148House FinanceIntroduced In House
SupportProtections for Delivery Network Company DriversVigil, Mabrey, HinrichsenHB24-1129House Business Affairs & LaborIntroduced In House 
SupportRepeal and Reenact Earned Income Tax Credit IncreaseWillford, Young, KolkerHB24-1084House, Senate FinanceSigned by Gov. Polis
SupportPrevent Workplace Violence in Health-Care SettingHamrick, Garcia, DMJ, GonzalesHB24-1066House Health & Human ServicesIntroduced In House

Abortion and Reproductive Rights

SupportImplement Fertility Coverage for Health PlansFroelichHB24-1025House Health & Human ServicesIntroduced In House
OpposeRequire Information about Abortion Pill ReversalBottomsHB24-1106House Health & Human ServicesIntroduced In House 

Safety and Criminal Justice Reform

SupportCriminal Record Sealing & Expungement ChangesMabrey, Soper, RodriguezHB24-1133House JudiciaryIntroduced In House
SupportYouth Sports Personnel RequirementsParentiHB24-1080House Health & Human ServicesIntroduced In House
SupportEx-Offenders Practice in Regulated OccupationsBacon, Bird, ColemanHB24-1004House Business Affairs & Labor
SupportJail Standards Commission RecommendationsAmabile, Garcia, Fields, ColemanHB24-1054House JudiciaryHouse Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended to Appropriations
SupportPrivacy Protections Criminal Justice RecordsTitone, Ricks, Exum, FieldsHB24-1090Senate JudiciarySenate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
SupportCriminal and Juvenile Justice System Process StudyGonzales, Rodriguez, MartinezSB24-027Senate JudiciarySenate Committee on Judiciary Refer Unamended to Appropriations

Civil Rights and Democracy

SupportRacial Equity StudyColeman, Herod, RicksSB24-053Senate State, Veterans, & Military AffairsSenate Committee on Finance Refer Amended to Appropriations
SupportBallot Access for Candidates with DisabilitiesOrtizHB24-1067House State, Civic, Military, & Veterans AffairsHouse Second Reading Special Order - Passed with Amendments - Committee
SupportNon-Legal Name ChangesVigil, F. Winter, MarchmanHB24-1039House EducationIntroduced In House
SupportGender-Affirming Health-Care Provider StudyVigil, Marchman, F. WinterHB24-1040House Health & Human ServicesIntroduced In House
SupportOperation of Denver Health & Hospital AuthorityHoltorf & AmabileHB24-1086House Health & Human ServicesIntroduced In Senate - Assigned to Health & Human Services
SupportCompensation for State Elected OfficialsEnglish, Ricks, HansenHB24-1059House State, Civic, Military, & Veterans AffairsIntroduced In House

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